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Delek Drilling and Avner Oil Exploration are partners in eights leases in the Israeli EEZ. The partnerships also own other licenses not yet drilled that may hold potential for future discoveries.


Dolphin is a gas field discovered in November 2011 in the Hanna License area about 25 km southwest of the Leviathan gas field. It is the fourth discovery in the chain of discoveries in the Tamar sands off the coast of Israel. Dolphin-1 drilling was performed by the Sedco Express rig in 74 days at a sea depth of approximately 1,560 meters, and to a final depth of 5,700 meters below sea level. The Dolphin gas field comprises 81 BCF of natural gas and its proximity to the Leviathan field and the similarity between the natural gas in the two fields, present opportunity for combined development. In such a scenario the Dolphin-1 drilling could be integrated into development of the Leviathan field as an additional well, and thus tap into Leviathan’s transportation and processing infrastructure. Combined development would not only save on development and operating costs, but will also significantly reduce the environmental footprint of the project.


An exploration license covering 400 square kilometers in the northern waters of Israel’s EEZ, and located only a few kilometers east of the Karish gas field. The northern end of the license borders with the EEZ of Lebanon, and because of this proximity no extensive activities have been conducted there, such as comprehensive and current seismic and environmental surveys, as have been conducted under other licenses. However, from the existing information, and mainly such that has been presented at professional conferences overseas, the area of the License appears to present significant potential for discoveries.

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Picture by: Albatross Aerial Perspective Ltd.