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A little about us

Delek Drilling is the leading Israeli energy partnership in the exploration, development, production and sale of natural gas and condensate. The Delek Drilling partnership is subsidiary partnership of the Delek Group, controlled by entrepreneur and businessman Yitzhak Tshuva. Each of the partnerships is traded on the Tel Aviv 35 Index (TA-35).

Delek Drilling and Avner, together with Noble Energy, Inc., have led the natural gas revolution in Israel. Following decades of enormous and fruitless investment in financing gas and oil exploration by successive Israeli governments, a government decision was taken to let go of its involvement in oil and natural gas exploration and transfer this activity to the private sector, a move that led to significant discoveries off the coast of Israel.

Today Delek Drilling is partner in several major gas discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean including, among others, Tamar (306 billion cubic meters - BCM), Leviathan – the largest deep water discovery in the world at that time (621 BCM), Aphrodite in Cyprus (129 BCM), and others.

Gas started to flow from the Tamar reservoir to the Israeli market in March 2013, and its output is being used today to produce more than 50% of Israel’s electricity. Among Tamar’s most prominent customers are: The Israel Electric Corporation (IEC), private power plants such as Dorad, Dalia and OPC, and a string of industrial facilities. In the coming years hundreds more industrial entities are expected to connect to the gas transportation system, which will increase natural gas consumption in Israel and significantly cut energy costs for Israeli industry.




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